Lab construction update: Day 358 (almost done!)

The day has finally come! Although there are still some finishing touches that need to be done, the lab renovation is nearly complete. We are ready for our first laser installation. Hopefully, everything goes well and in no time we’ll be uncovering novel properties in quantum materials using light. We’ll let you know how it … Read more

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Lab construction update: Day 275

The optical tables are here! Now we just have to wait for the final touches on the lab construction and the laser installation for the science to begin!

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Lab construction update: Day 210

The lab make-over is nearly complete! Walls have been knocked down and reconstructed, utilities installed, overhead racks are being built. Move-in date is right around the corner! If you’re as excited as we are, please contact Prof. Disa to join the team! Before: During: Now:

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Lab under construction!

Our new laboratory spaces in the basement of Clark Hall, Rooms BE07 and BE08, are now under construction! We are on schedule to start moving in this Fall. Are you interested in helping to build state-of-the-art ultrafast optical experiments to study atomically engineered quantum materials? Get in touch! Here are the before pictures for posterity: